The Gobi Desert is a stunning, vast wilderness punctuated with rare geological oddities and flatbeds full of dinosaur fossils. This Gobi Motorbike Tour takes you to the heart of it where you can explore its rugged terrain and meet its nomadic people as you roam free on your motorbike on the vast open plains of Mongolia under clear blue skies.

PRICES STARTING FROM AUD $2840 per person twin share


  • Custom itinerary – Minimum 3 passengers to depart – motorbike season is May 20th to September 20th
  • Motorbike and support crew
  •  Camel Rides
  •  City Tour
  • 7 Breakfasts, 6 Lunches & 7 Dinners
  • English speaking translator to help you communicate with nomads
  • Internal Flights

Day 1


Arrival day. Your guide will meet you at the airport and transfer you to the hotel where you’ll make some last minute preparations and spend the evening relaxing.


Day 2


A combination of on-road for 150km and off-road for 140km takes us through the rocky mountainous region of Baga Gazar with peculiar geographic structures.


Day 3


A big day on the road through dramatic scenery moving through the steppe zone into the desert zone. Tonight we experience our first ger camp in the expansive Yol Valley, Valley of the Vultures.


Day 4


We enjoy a short trek through the Yol Valley, located in the Gobi Gurvan Saikhan National Park. The valley is covered with ice, even in summer. We hit the road again and visit Moltsog and small sand dune before arriving at Bayanzag for a traditional bbq dinner.


Day 5


A fun day of meeting a nomadic family and riding a camel. We visit the tiny forest in the Gobi and Flaming Cliffs, a place rich of dinosaur eggs and fossils. After lunch we travel through the Ongi steppe and come to the Ongi Temple ruins, destroyed in 1937 because of socialist ideology.


Day 6


We travel from the Gobi zone to the steppe zone, finally arriving at Zorgol Khairkhan, a huge red granite sacred mountain revered by the locals.


Day 7


In the afternoon we return to UB for some final shopping and a farewell traditional bbq dinner.


Day 8


Time to say farewell to you Gobi Motorbike Tour Adventure. A private car will collect you from the hotel and take you to the airport.

Travelling by Motorbike

This tour isn’t for first time motorbike riders. You’ll need to have ridden a bike before, hold a valid international license and make sure you know how to handle powerful bikes. This tour is tough, liberating, heart pounding adventure. If you fancy something easier you can do the same tour in the comfort of a Jeep. When you arrive in the Gobi Desert you’ll be met by your own private Team. Each team has a mechanic and a guide trained as a translator. They’ll navigate the stunning dunes of the desert, keep you nice and safe and help you interact with the local nomads.

Minimum number of people

Due to the large number of support staff required for this trip we reccommend a minimum booking of 3 people per trip. Any less and the cost of the trip becomes very expensive.


For the first and last night of your trip you will stay in a basic but clean hotel in the capital city. For your journey across the desert you’ll stay in a traditional nomadic Ger (like a yurt). They aren’t your ordinary tent. Each Ger is shared between 3-5 people and comes furnished with comfortable beds and spaces to lounge and relax.

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